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Humane hunting with LVE cartridges  by 28.06.2017
The movement We are for the humane hunting is popular in many foreign countries. It is also quite popular in Russia. Humanization of hunting is not just fashionable and modern thing, it is primarily the sign of maturity and dignity of hunters.

  by 30.01.2017


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917mm KURZ FMJ (Browning court)

917mm KURZ FMJ (Browning court)

917mm KURZ FMJJacket material of bullet - bimetal/copper
Core - lead and antimony

Case material / Jacket materialBimetal / Bimetal
Cartridge mass, g8,8-9,6
Bullet mass, g5,9-6,1
Bullet Velocity V10, m/s275-300
Difference between max. and min. bullet velocities V10, m/s25
Pressure Pav, Mpa, Averange117,7
Pressure Pav, Mpa, Maximum137,3
Accurancy R50 at distance 25m, sm*6
Quantity in box, pcs35

* at firing from ballistic barrel
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