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  by 05.10.2017


Exhibition ARMS & Hunting 2017  by 26.09.2017
We invite you to visit our booth ( 25) during Moscow International Exhibition ARMS & Hunting 2016

We invite you to visit our booth (25) during INTERNATIONAL MILITARY-TECHNICAL FORUM ARMY-2017

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In accordance with the Federal Law of Armament accepted by State Duma on the 13th November 1996 and Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of R.F. of 12 April, 1999, No 288 and the Appendix to this Order the Exporter has to receive the Export Permission. With the aim to transmit the arms or cartridges through out the custom borders of R.F. the leaders of legal entities-exporters, organizations, which has the license have to submit the following documents received from Importer to the internal affairs authorities:
1. The Import License or International Certificate or the similar documents.
2. The Import Permission or the similar documents.
The copies with translation to Russian language, received from Importer by fax or e-mail, with stamps and signatures
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