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Humane hunting with LVE cartridges   28.06.2017

The movement "We are for the humane hunting" is popular in many foreign countries. It is also quite popular in Russia. Humanization of hunting is not just fashionable and modern thing, it is primarily the sign of maturity and dignity of hunters. The majority of hunters are discussing the matter of reliable immobilizing of animals: what is the best bullet - FMJ or SP; where is the best place for aiming - head, neck or chest. But practically all these discussions are not result in single opinion.  The only one common thing among the hunters is the accurate and humane shooting that releases animals from pangs. 

 At the end of 2010 Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant famous for its LVE trademark, launched the production of new hunting cartridge cal.7.62x54R FMJ with steel and lead core (double-element).   The bullet shows its adverse factor while hitting the soft tissues of an animal. The bullet changes its form and is partially destroyed and an animal has a state of shock. If a steel core hits the bone, the latter breaks to pieces which strengthen the adverse effect. Bullet trajectory of this new cartridge in comparison to the similar military cartridge of caliber 7,62х54R is almost the same. This feature provides the high expectancy of hitting including the low-sized hunting targets. Cartridges are assigned for hunting for animals with weight from 150 to 400 kg.

The main tactical and technical characteristics

Bullet type FMJ                                                                                                        англ

Bullet velocity,V25 (average value)  815-830 m/s

Difference between maximum and minimum bullet velocity DV25  ≤ 35 m/s

Maximum powder gas pressure:

Pmax.av. ≤ 284. 4 MPa (2900kgs/cm2)

Рmax.max. ≤ 304 MPa (3100kgs/cm2)

Firing accuracy, Пav.  at distance 300 m ≤  12.7 cm                                                   

Bullet weight  9.7-9.9g  (151 gr.)

Cartridge weight  20.5-23.2g

Jacket material bimetal

Case material bimetal

Though the cartridge is on the market for a short period of time the demand is strong. And this is a good sign of growing cultural level of hunting. You can purchase the cartridge from official plant's dealers.

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