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7.62х54R SP with cooper bullet   15.03.2011
Hunting cartridge 7.62х54R  Technical Specifications 7272-002-07512447-93 

Function: Cartridges with FMJ bullet are assigned for hunting for animals with weight from 150 to 400 kg.


The main tactical and technical characteristics

Bullet type SP

Bullet velocity,V25 (average value)    685-705 m/s

Difference between maximum and minimum bullet velocity DV25   35 m/s

Maximum powder gas pressure:

Pmax.av. ≤ 284.4 MPa(2900kgs/cm2)

 Рmax.max. ≤ 304 MPa(3100 kgs/cm2)

Firing accuracy, П100.  at distance 100 m   ≤ 10 cm.

Bullet weight 12.85-13.05g (200gr)                                   коробка

Cartridge weight 24.5-26.5g

Jacket material - cooper                              

Case material - bimetal

These cartridges are already on the market. Ask the dealers weather they are in stock.

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